Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, Japan Hamworthy Co., Ltd., do recognize the importance of personal information and understand that handling it in appropriate manner is one of our social responsibilities. We hereby enact a Privacy Policy in regard to personal information and will oversee the adequate and safe handling of such information, as follows:

Appropriate collection and use:

When we collect personal information, we explicitly articulate its purpose in advance and conduct the collection activity in appropriate way. Unless there is prior consent of first-person informed or the official regulations, the collected information is utilized within the necessity of achieving the stated purpose.

Secured handling:

We endeavor to keep the latest and most accurate preserved information, taking the necessary and rational protective measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage to the personal information. This same secure action is also requested of our business partners.

Respect rights:

Except in the case of legal requirements, we respond to the request for correction or deletion from the person informed or his or her representative. Even in unfortunate cases where we cannot positively answer, we sincerely explain the reasons.

Provision of personal information:

We do not provide the collected personal information to third parties in principle except when there is a legal requirement or consent from the person informed. When we need to provide the information to others as a business necessity, we notify in advance.

Response to complaints:

We quickly and appropriately respond to any question or complaint about control of personal information. If any employee has questions or complaints, please feel free to directly access the division that collected your information. In case the cover address is not clear, please call our representative at +81-6-6962-8877.

Continuous development:

We make an ongoing effort to perform control of personal information in an appropriate manner, such as checking the control system or the education plan.


We comply with regulations related to protection of personal information with integrity.

Inquiries regarding privacy policy

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